Brick Farm Market, Hopewell, New Jersey

About Us

About Us

The demand for healthy, local products has always driven our desire to become farmers. Like most people who care about healthy food, we want to know about everything that goes into creating what we serve to our family and friends. After a lot of research we decided that if you want something done right – do it yourself! We started Double Brook Farm in earnest in 2006. Our passion for a local, sustainable, and humane operation has guided our approach to the Farm from day one.

“Now, where to sell all this high-quality, fresh, local food?”

We created Brick Farm Market to be the dedicated outlet for the Farm: a full-service market located within a stone’s throw of the source: Double Brook Farm.

The Market enables us to interact with our customers and share with them how the food they are buying is grown, raised or made.

When the Malek Chevrolet building – a beautiful 1930’s brick auto repair shop – came up for sale in 2010, we knew we had found the perfect location for our market. Though it needed a little work…

What you’ll find at the Market reflects a culmination of informed choices and best practices. From selecting the seeds we grow, to humane animal treatment, to limiting our fossil fuel needs with clean energy, to preparing recipes with choice ingredients, to educating the customer on cooking ‘snout to tail’ – we are taking some of the guesswork out of nutritious, local, sustainable shopping.

Now, with the Brick Farm Market, Double Brook Farm and our restaurant, Brick Farm Tavern, we have a local, sustainable operation that takes food from farm to market to table and then back to the farm in the form of compost or animal feed; three entities that rely on each other to create a full-circle model of responsible food creation and consumption.

We hope you enjoy what we harvest off the land here in Hopewell, as well as the products we’ve found from other like-minded vendors who join us in bringing you delicious, healthy food. Have fun exploring the Market and let us know what you think!

~ Jon and Robin McConaughy